Our department of listing and valuation of properties, makes a valuation of each property, based on the current market based on individual factors, in order to be able to give an exact valuation of the correct and current value of the dwelling taking into consideration the needs of our buyers.

Property consulting purchase and sale

Magma Group offers a personalised customar care adhering to every individual need and requirements of our clients; it depends on the area, type of property. Our goal is to guarantee that our clients are matched with their ideal property, from the first contact up to the completion and we pride ourselves with our fantastic after sales service

Investment consultant

At times, clients want to purchase or sell as an investment; we are motivated to insure what is more beneficial according to the investment and economic efficiency in order to provide excellent results.


Our working relationship with several banking establishments allow us to offer to our clients the best mortgage up to 70% of the value of the property.


We deal with short and long term rentals.

Legal services

Magma Group provide all conveyencing and offer advice with the taxation system in preparation of all the necessary documentation for the conveyencing of the property; ie:. NIE number (Spanish Equivalent of the National Insurance Number), tax return, home insurance, deeds, property registration. For all the above mentioned , we have a qualified team of experts who will be responsible for all of this process from start to finish.

After sales service

Our main objective is to give our clients a fantastic service. Even after the sale process is over, we ensure that all documentation is correct, ie: changing of names on utility bills, direct debits for services needed. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any quieries big or small.

Building works and renovations

At times we want to improve our homes and for that purpose we have construction and renovation team who will offer you professional advice at affordable cost to provide your dream home.

Interior design

We can provide home staging to the interior and exterior of your home with the finishing completed to a very high standard all within your budget providing your perfect home.